On 11/15/2023, an exhibition dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the National currency of the Republic of Kazakhstan was held in our college under the guidance of teachers K.G. Skrinnikova and E.M. Miklyaev. A collection of rare and expensive coins and banknotes not only of the Republic of Kazakhstan, but also of the world was presented by teacher E.M. Miklyaev.
The main purpose of this event is to emphasize the historical importance of the National Currency Day of the Republic of Kazakhstan, to instill in students a sense of patriotism, to introduce them to the culture and values of the people, as well as to an active social life. The guys learned a lot of new things that day: how the national currency was created, where the first tenge was printed, and how it was put into circulation. College students took part in an educational quiz "Tenge is a symbol of economic independence of Kazakhstan", where students were awarded sweet prizes for their active participation.